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UI, UX & Web Analytics

When designing a new system, planning the user interface is crucial. Statistical analysis helps understand user behavior and improve the interface.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is one of the most important research tools when designing a User Experience. This examination introduces the product to current or potential users (depending on the purpose of the examination and product) in order to check how those users cope with the product. The product can be either an object or a program. The same principles apply in both cases.

User Experience and Users in the Organization

Effective knowledge management solutions require considering the diverse needs of users and investing in user experience to ensure successful assimilation.

Dust Cleaning

In this article, I wish to share my experience with procedures as an outsider consultant ‘visiting’ and the positive process created in the organization as a result of improving the procedures. I will conclude with sharing my tips for keeping the procedure updated and effective.

UX during the stages prior to the real product

User Experience (UX) is crucial in shaping how a person interacts with a system, product, or service. Presenting detailed visual solutions early on enhances understanding and satisfaction.

The psychology behind using colors-what actually works?

Using color for purposes of marketing and sales enfolds a combination of psychology and gut feelings. Does using a certain color really affect the customer's mood? Can use of color affect the customer's consuming habits and create a unique branding?

Validating UX without users

A known rule of thumb in the world of UX is that it's very important to validate and review (both planned and constructed) in cooperation with users. Some approaches, methodologies and even several technologies that assist in this mission all targeted at the same goal: to receive and analyze the response- both conscious and subliminal-provided by the user as a reaction to the screen presented to h

Are social professional websites possible?

Investing in design and user experience is crucial for professional websites. Incorporating social components and real pictures enhances personalization and user engagement.

What am I supposed to do now?!

In too many cases, it seems that site users might not understand the action they are required to perform. A state of uncertainty can cause the user to slow down, hesitate and maybe, accidentally, make a wrong move that may harm the mission.


Responsive design adapts website content to different screen sizes, providing a continuous user experience and eliminating the need for separate mobile-adapted sites.

The Hamburger Menu

The Hamburger menu, a side drawer-menu represented by three horizontal stripes, presents advantages and disadvantages in website navigation. Its impact on user engagement should be carefully considered by design teams.

Where have all the menus gone?

Websites shift from menus to search engines, emphasizing quick searches and efficient navigation, especially on smaller screens.

User Experience

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