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Applied Generative AI

We are amidst an exhilarating technological transformation driven by the advent of Generative AI tools. These pioneering solutions hold the potential to redefine the realm of knowledge work, streamlining our daily processes and injecting newfound efficiency into every aspect of our knowledge-driven operations.

By seamlessly integrating Generative AI into our workflows, organizations can unlock substantial cost savings, freeing up millions of dollars to drive innovation and growth. However, most of us find it difficult to translate this promise into practical, meaningful, and genuine use in our organizations.

ROM Global Provides:

  • Education & support to seamlessly integrate smart, responsible, and practical      human-machine augmentation into specific roles and tasks.

  • Specialized  GPTs (Robot Knowledge Agents) development & deployment

ROM’s Uniqueness:

  • Knowledge Management Expertise: Over 25 years of experience in understanding the world of knowledge and knowledge work.

  • Deep Generative AI Proficiency: A team of experts leading the Generative AI field in Israel (and globally).

  • Personalized Solutions: Precise alignment of our services to each organization's unique needs.

  • Global pioneers: in specialized GPTs implementation

Click here to learn about our Applying Generative AI in Organizations course.

The service is provided in collaboration with our Knowledge Associates.

Fulfilling the potential of revolutionizing knowledge work, leveraging effectiveness, efficiency & innovation

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