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ROM Global is one of the biggest, most experienced and well recognized Knowledge Management firms in the world.

ד״ר מוריה לוי

ROM was started by Dr Moria Levy, a leading figure in global KM circles, in 1998. Dr Levy has been the owner and CEO of the firm ever since. ROM started its operations in Israel and grew there for over 20 years, becoming the leader KM solution provider in the country. Since 2018 ROM has expanded its services to the global KM market, mainly through a network of partnerships.

Who Are We?

ROM serves more than 100 premium clients, providing solutions to a large spectrum of needs and business opportunities. ROM success is based on its highly skilled work force, its partners network, and its vast array of proprietary, field tested methodologies. 

שני עובדי משרד מסתכלים על לפטופ
ידיים מקלידות על לפטופ

ROM Knowledgeware is the only KM firm in the world that is KM ISO certified, and it had this certificate for the last 10 years!

ROM operates based on in its values: Excellence, Partnership, Empowerment and Innovation. 

Based on its aforementioned strengths, ROM succeeded and continues to succeed in elevating its customers and the community to new heights. 

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