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Guiding organizations to ISO30401 maturity

Analyzing an organization ISO30401 state and designing a 1-3 year strategy targeting  ISO30401 readiness 

Supporting ISO30401 readiness

Working with an organization towards KM excellence based on ISO30401 and certification readiness.

ISO30401 lectures, courses, and workshops

  • Drawing awareness to ISO30401 

  • Explaining and mediating ISO requirements

  • Educating KM-based organizations on the minimal effort path to certification

  • Elaborating on the use of annexes and other non-requirement-based sections

ROM Global offers the following ISO30401 services:

Leading ISO30401 development

Dr. Moria Levy has led the ISO global experts team in developing the ISO30401 standard and continues to lead successive updating projects.

ISO 30401 Implementation toolbox

Dr. Moria Levy has led the KMGN global project, including 12 countries, for developing the toolbox, including 4 toolkits for ISO30401 implementation.

KM standards Certification

ROM Knowledgeware is the only organization worldwide that walks the talk being 10 years KM standard certified:  ISO30401 2019-now

SII25006   2012-2018 (the Israeli SII KM standard) 

ROM leads ISO30401 

A hand holding a glowing circle

ISO 30401

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Feb 2022

David LamotteHead of Knowledge Management at Agence Francaise de Développement, France

"Working with Dr. Levy on the ISO30401 implementation she designed, we developed new insights towards KM excellence."

Jan 2023

Amy WilliamsDeputy, Chief Knowledge Officer,

Moria is a prolific writer on Knowledge Management with a principled centered approach to KM implementation and standardization for organizations. Her ability to see the big picture but also interpret KM practices at a practical / tactical level, is a solid indicator of her level of professionalism and leadership towards successful KM adoption across an enterprise. 

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