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Knowledge Management in our lives: part II

Approximately a month ago, I published an article that discussed defining Knowledge Management differently than the definition commonly found in various sources. In this article I wish to continue my journey, titled "Knowledge Management in our lives". I will discuss additional components of the field and how they manifest in our day-to-day lives, namely: sharing, development of new know

Facilitation - More Essential Than Expected; More Complex Than We Would Wish

The article discusses the importance of facilitation in knowledge management and how it is a basic requirement in almost every context and condition. The role of a facilitator involves balancing socialization and control to generate value, make decisions, and achieve objectives. Socialization actions include welcoming, motivating, engaging, empowering, and listening, while controlling actions involve planning, directing, delegating, and managing time and resources. The article highlights that facilitation is an essential skill that can be taught, experienced, and improved.

Effective virtual online communication

Effective virtual online communication will benefit from distinguishing between synchronous and asynchronous communication and tailoring communication strategies accordingly. For synchronous communication, being punctual, allowing for multi-modal channels, and creating a secure space for sharing ideas are essential. Asynchronous communication requires clarity, summarization, and using gestures, while avoiding overly long messages.

Organization Therapy: group directing skills as an effective Knowledge Management consultancy tool

Maximizing Value: The Role of Knowledge Management Consultants in Organizational Projects through Strategic Group Dynamics and Mutual Learning.

Innovative Coffee Cup

James Hoffman, a renowned coffee expert and YouTuber, has made significant contributions to the coffee industry by promoting single-type coffee and hosting innovative events such as the world's first virtual coffee tasting event. Hoffman's success is attributed to his effective use of technological tools, such as YouTube and social media, to connect with his target audience and provide value beyond the product, such as product reviews. This serves as an example of the incorporation of technological innovation in various areas of life and highlights the importance of incorporating it in organizational innovation strategies.

What can you find where everyone looks for everything, pt. 2

The perception of Wikipedia among junior high school students differs from that of its founders and most of its editors, as they are unfamiliar with the term "encyclopedia." As a result, many people view it as a free database where they can find answers to any question, causing confusion when they cannot find the desired information. The autonomy given to each Wikipedia language edition regarding content selection has led to variations in content and guidelines, reducing disputes and ensuring the quality of the final product. The guidelines help maintain transparency, reduce complaints of discrimination, and allow anyone to contribute to the expansion of human knowledge.

Communities of Practice

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