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Knowledge Retention (KiSure)

Don't let your team's hard-earned wisdom slip away! 

Our knowledge retention service captures and preserves your organization's collective expertise, ensuring that valuable insights remain accessible and transferrable within your ranks. 

We bridge the knowledge gap that often arises from employee turnover, enabling you to retain and transfer critical knowledge effectively.

Empower your future by learning from the past. 

Our service helps you build upon previous successes and avoid repeating past mistakes by retaining the valuable knowledge gained through experience. Knowledge is power, and our service maximizes your intellectual capital by preventing the loss of invaluable expertise.

Invest in knowledge continuity with our comprehensive approach to knowledge retention.

 We safeguard your organization's long-term success by ensuring that your team's collective wisdom is preserved and readily available, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

ROM developed KiSure™, a unique methodology to address Knowledge Retention. KiSure™ is a short (typically 3 months) and focused process, by which an expert tacit knowledge is documented, arranged and organized for best utilization by other employees. 

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