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june 2023



ROM is delighted to introduce our new knowledge base

1 June 2023


Join the Revolution: ROM Launches KiSure Community, Uniting KM Experts in a Quest for Knowledge Continuity

1 June 2023


Unlocking Knowledge Management in the Digital Era

1 June 2023

ChatGPT screen

Exploring the Boundaries

1 June 2023


Embracing Radical KM

1 June 2023

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Mastering Digital Channels

1 June 2023


Person standing. seeing his shoes. 3 arrows represent directions.

Decision-making in the new world of collaboration

Collaboration complicates decision-making, as individuals with unique perspectives aim for shared objectives. In our volatile world, traditional decision-making models may fall short. Facilitate smoother decision-making by fostering co-opetition, emphasizing the common good, and leveraging technology for transparency. Despite its challenges, collaboration brings substantial, growing benefits and the opportunity to work with remarkable individuals


How AI Marketing is changing the digital world

AI marketing revolutionizes digital strategies, enabling targeted campaigns, personalized experiences, and improved customer engagement in the evolving digital world.


Taxonomy in the New Era: Utilizing AI and More for an Efficient and Agile Process

Utilizing AI and collaborative tools streamlines taxonomy processes, saving time and resources while fostering innovation and efficiency.

DALLE2 illustration- hanfd light, technology

Business Trends in Practice- Book Review

Marr, in his book "Business Trends in Businesses," addresses ten technology trends, and five non-technology one, and explains how these should affect every organization- in and out.

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