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December 2023

2Know Newsletter


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ChatGPT Enterprise

ChatGPT Enterprise, an OpenAI assistant for businesses, prioritizes security, offers unlimited GPT-4 access, multi-step interactions, advanced data analysis, custom templates, and admin controls. It enhances workflows by accessing knowledge bases, aiding training, content creation, programming, and personalized product recommendations. Flexible pricing caters to organizational needs.

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Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot, integrating ChatGPT-4, enhances productivity within Office apps with features like text generation, data analysis, and CRM optimization. Seamlessly integrated, it offers extensive file reference and in-app text referencing, earning high user satisfaction as a personal assistant streamlining tasks and fostering creativity.

A robot and a hand shaking

Zoom AI

Zoom evolves post-COVID, enhancing its tool with AI Companion, replacing Zoom IQ. Integrated across Zoom tools, it prioritizes privacy while optimizing meetings. The ChatGPT-like bot aids productivity, real-time feedback, and integrates with Zoom Team Chat and Zoom Mail. Limited to paying subscribers.

book cover

INside INnovation - Book Review

"Inside Innovation: A Closer Look from Within," an upcoming collection by Allex Bennet and Rajat Baisya, delves into diverse facets of innovation. Covering agile practices, culture cultivation, customer engagement, and case studies, it emphasizes continuous learning and collaboration as vital innovation catalysts.



December News

  • KMGN has opened registration for its 2024 course, "Leveraging the value creation of tacit knowledge", which will begin this coming February. Details and registration can be found at Link

  • ROM Global has launched a new service focused on the application of Generative AI in organizations. Our goal is to enhance knowledge work in a smart, straightforward, and responsible manner. Organizations are welcome to get in touch with us to explore whether and how this service can benefit them. KM consultants interested in becoming our business partners for this and other KM services are encouraged to contact us at:

Blog - a balanced and diverse view on KM

Although hosted on a technology-focused website, this source offers a balanced and diverse view on KM, presented in a clear and easily digestible manner- Link

A collection of lessons learned case studies

A remarkable collection of lessons learned case studies of CALL (Center for Army Lessons Learned): Link

International Conference on Knowledge Management Studies

International Conference on Knowledge Management Studies ICKMS 

February 12-13, 2024 in London, United Kingdom


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