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Knowledge Risk Management

Future-proof your organization by identifying hidden knowledge gaps that could threaten success through our comprehensive risk assessment surveys for knowledge management.

Gain a clear picture of your knowledge landscape to empower informed strategic decisions about capture, retention, and utilization by pinpointing areas for improvement. 

Uncover cracks in your knowledge foundation before they become critical issues by bridging potential knowledge silos, outdated information, and employee turnover risks through proactive risk assessments. 

Mitigate expertise loss and maximize intellectual capital gain by identifying knowledge transfer vulnerabilities and developing strategies to capture and retain critical knowledge before it walks out the door. 

Invest in fortifying knowledge security by identifying potential gaps that could expose your organization's valuable information assets through comprehensive risk audits of knowledge management systems.

ROM performs risk surveys in everything related to aspects of knowledge in organizations, with an emphasis on knowledge retention. Follow-up on projects formulate plans to mitigate the risks and implement those plans.

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