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Organizational Development

Select a Business task: 

Conduct a thorough identification and analysis of the current needs and challenges faced by [specify the organization or community].

This organization/community operates in [briefly describe the sector, region, and any relevant background information].

Your analysis should focus on the following key aspects:

1. Detailed Needs Assessment

2. Challenges Analysis

3. Impact Evaluation

4. Practical Strategy Suggestions

5. Potential Risks and Mitigation Measures

1. Detailed information about the sector and the geographical region in which the organization or community operates

2. Any historical background or development timeline that could provide context to the current situation

3. A brief overview of what the organization  is currently engaged in

Ask for an implementation roadmap and a monitoring and evaluation framework

What would you suggest if our resource availability was X


Refining the request

Effective conversation- divergence

Critical thinking 

Identify organization needs

Human Machine Augmentation

Critically assess the potential impact of the analysis and strategies on all stakeholders

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