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Knowledge Retention

Select a Business task: 

Create a series of structured questions for a knowledge capture interview with an expert on [specific topic]. 

The questions should be designed to elicit both tacit and explicit knowledge from the expert, contributing to a knowledge retention initiative. 

Ensure that the questions are ordered logically to facilitate a natural and coherent interview flow.

  1. Spesify the expert's professional background and their specific role in the context of this project.

  2. Elaborate on the outcome's target oudiance 

  3. Spesify any particular aspects that nthat require special focus or attention

Suggest any questions that should be avoided during the interview


Refining the request

Effective conversation- divergence

Critical thinking 

Create questions for a knowledge retention interview

Human Machine Augmentation

  1. Assess whether the questions are suitable for the expertise level of the interviewee and respectful of their professional experience.

  2. Determine if the questions are likely to elicit insightful and detailed responses, rather than superficial answers

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