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January News

ROM is pleased to introduce a new online course, 'Unlock the Power of Generative AI,' available in English starting on February 1, 2024, and in Portuguese on February 20, 2024. 


ROM has taken the lead in the past month by spearheading an AI coalition aimed at defining new paradigms in the future of knowledge work. If your organization, whether it's a software company or a corporation with at least 50 employees, is eager to engage in brainstorming and experimentation to implement these innovative ideas, please reach out to Moria at

Join us on a year-long celebration of ROM's 25th anniversary, filled with knowledge-driven challenges and exciting quests. February marks the beginning of our journey, as we unveil the very first challenge. Get ready to test your knowledge management prowess and embark on this intellectual adventure with us. Stay tuned for the grand reveal in our upcoming February issue!

ROM extends its warmest wishes to all knowledge managers around the world for a joyous and 

prosperous New Year!

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