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SOPs and working guidelines improved authoring course


After completing this course, students will have the skills to:

  • Develop skills in creating procedures, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), and user guidelines.

  • Enhance the readability and accessibility of documents.

  • Craft documents that cater to both comprehensive reading and quick reference.

  • Create user-friendly materials that offer specific answers to readers' questions.

  • Improve document quality for increased user satisfaction and efficiency.


This course not only introduces a fresh perspective on the planning and creation of user-friendly procedures-based documents but also equips participants with a unique methodology for effective planning and organization of content. It culminates with a set of practices aimed at optimizing the use of tables, colors, and icons to enhance the readability and usability of these critical documents significantly.


8 academic hours

Coming soon

Course Starting Dates




Experience in writing procedures of work, SOPs or guidelines

The following topic will be covered:

  1. The Challenge: Understanding the complexities of procedures-based documents.

  2. The Procedures-Based Documents Pyramid: Unveiling the structure and hierarchy.

  3. Planning a New or Renewed Document: Strategic approaches to effective planning.

  4. Leveraging Understanding with Concept Maps: Visual tools for clarity.

  5. Knowledge Sources: Where to find accurate information.

  6. Writing with Precision: Crafting accurate and clear content.

  7. Enhancing Clarity with Tables: Making information more accessible.

  8. Effective Use of Colors and Icons: Enhancing visual appeal and comprehension.

  9. User Guides: Creating user-friendly documents for seamless navigation

Syllabus Highlights

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