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A holistic approach to lessons learned course


After course completion, the students will have the skills to:

  • Master Facilitation of Debriefing Sessions: Develop the skills to lead efficient and effective debriefing sessions that extract valuable insights and knowledge from experiences.

  • Establish a Robust Lessons Knowledgebase: Learn how to systematically collect, organize, and manage lessons learned, creating a valuable knowledge repository for your organization.

  • Enhance the Usability of Lessons Learned: Discover strategies and techniques to make lessons learned more accessible and applicable, ensuring that they contribute to continuous improvement and informed decision-making within your organization.


Unlock the power of lessons learned with our comprehensive course, designed to empower you with the tools and techniques needed to transform experiences into actionable knowledge. Throughout this course, you will master the art of facilitating efficient and effective debriefing sessions, enabling you to extract valuable insights from every experience. But that's not all; you'll also discover how to build robust lesson knowledgebase, systematically collecting and organizing valuable lessons to create a knowledge repository that fuels organizational growth. Additionally, learn strategies to enhance the usability of lessons learned, making them readily accessible and applicable to drive continuous improvement and informed decision-making within your organization. Join us on this journey to turn lessons into opportunities and experiences into expertise, equipping yourself with the skills to drive positive change and innovation."


12 academic hours

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Course Starting Dates




Experience in organization work and projects.

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Defining Lessons: Delve into the concept of lessons learned and how they contribute to organizational growth and resilience.

  2. Implementing After-Action Reviews (AAR): Step-by-step guidance on conducting effective AARs to extract valuable insights from experiences.

  3. Learning from Success: Discover strategies for leveraging successful experiences to inform future decisions and actions.

  4. Decision-Making for Improvement: Learn how to make informed decisions regarding lessons learned, covering aspects such as what to ignore, actionable tasks, necessary changes, and valuable lessons.

  5. From Lessons Library to Knowledgebase: Explore the transformation process of transitioning from a simple lessons library to a dynamic and valuable lessons knowledgebase.

  6. Tools for Improvement: Dive into seven essential tools and techniques for enhancing the quality and applicability of lessons learned.

  7. Lessons' Metadata: Understand the importance of capturing and organizing metadata to categorize and retrieve lessons effectively.

  8. Integration into the Organizational Eco-System: Learn how to embed lessons learned into the organizational culture and processes seamlessly.

  9. Experience-Based Learning: Explore continuous learning and improvement methods based on practical experiences and quality-driven processes.

  10. Holistic Perspective: Gain a comprehensive view of the lessons learned process, considering its impact on the organization.

  11. Looking Ahead: Preview what lies on the horizon in the field of lessons learned and its significance for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities.

Syllabus Highlights

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