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Wiki as a tool of knowledge sharing in organizations

The wiki as a tool of information sharing in an organization has many advantages; its easy learning and operating features make it quite the intuitive tool for the worker. Nevertheless, we must take into consideration the organizational needs and the importance of Data Security and data wandering throughout the organization. We must also prepare the organization before implementing the Wiki in the

Social Networks - more than just a status

There are many available applications that offer and are based in social sharing (such as the popular Waze application). The fact that I am not a social sharer (as mentioned above) rather more a spectator made me think: why do some people share and others don’t? Why do people share via Social Networks than "professional networks" at the work place? What do we gain by this? And should I p

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is one of the most important research tools when designing a User Experience. This examination introduces the product to current or potential users (depending on the purpose of the examination and product) in order to check how those users cope with the product. The product can be either an object or a program. The same principles apply in both cases.

Useful video editing software for beginners

Incorporating video content in Knowledge Management enhances organizational knowledge implementation, with various user-friendly video editing tools available.

The Hamburger Menu

The Hamburger menu, a side drawer-menu represented by three horizontal stripes, presents advantages and disadvantages in website navigation. Its impact on user engagement should be carefully considered by design teams.

Where have all the menus gone?

Websites shift from menus to search engines, emphasizing quick searches and efficient navigation, especially on smaller screens.

Trends and innovation in Knowledge Management in 2016

This article, based on a 2015 lecture, explores predicted trends in knowledge management for 2016, including social networks, mobile applications, expanded search, MOOCs, and change management. Knowledge managers play a crucial role in realizing these trends.

Private Messaging Platforms

Digital platforms like social networks and private messaging apps offer immense marketing potential. Businesses can utilize AI-powered bots to provide personalized service and interact with customers. Although challenges exist, adapting to this new paradigm is essential for successful knowledge management and customer engagement in the digital era.

WEB Presence Management

Businesses today need a strong web presence to provide accurate and up-to-date information to customers. However, managing this presence requires active data management to avoid misinformation and inconsistencies.

Digital Marketing done the right way

Digital marketing is crucial for organizations to gain exposure, attract potential customers, and achieve marketing goals. Tips include targeting specific channels, purposeful advertising, sponsored promotions, building mailing lists, and maintaining digital channels. Plan strategically for effective results.

Optimizing Digital Communication

Effective customer service in digital channels requires adapting to written communication, providing immediate responses, honoring channel choices, and using appropriate language and templates. Quality service is assessed in each channel.

One database for multiple target audiences

Shared knowledge databases and digital channels enhance customer satisfaction by providing quick access to information and efficient service processes.

Digital Platforms

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