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Knowledge Retention Using Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools

A knowledge retention project aims to prevent undesirable loss of professional knowledge that is key to the organization's success. Generative Artificial Intelligence is a sub-field within the world of Artificial Intelligence, and similar to knowledge retention, it focuses on processing and creating textual, visual, and symbolic content.

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The AI Titans Battle: Comparison between ChatGPT, Copilot, and Gemini

In the modern digital era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities are advancing at a dizzying pace and influencing a wide range of fields. One of the most fascinating areas is the creation of textual and visual content using advanced AI tools.
In this article, we will review the three leading tools in the field - ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and Google Gemini AI, and examine their advantages and unique aspects.

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How RAG Changes the Way AI Understands and Generates Answers

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) enhances AI language models by combining them with specific information sources. This improves accuracy, allows source verification, and expands knowledge bases. RAG has applications in customer service, content creation, medicine, and knowledge management. Despite challenges, it represents a significant advancement in AI language processing capabilities.

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Microsoft's AI Tools for Graphics Creation - A Practical Guide

Microsoft's AI tools for graphics creation, Bing AI Image Creator and Copilot Designer, offer users the ability to generate custom images using text prompts. These free tools provide quick results, learning opportunities, and unique features like saving collections or engaging in natural language dialogue for image refinement.

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Generative AI in Practice - Book review

Bernard Marr's "Generative AI in Practice" explores the revolutionary impact of GenAI across various sectors. It explains GenAI's potential, challenges, and practical applications in 12 industries. The book offers implementation guidance for organizations and highlights the need for ethical considerations and skill adaptation in this rapidly evolving field.

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In-distractable - Book Review

"In-distractable" by Nir Eyal explores strategies to combat digital and non-digital distractions. It covers understanding root causes, managing internal and external factors, investing time wisely, and making early commitments. The book offers practical tips for individuals, families, and workplaces to improve focus and productivity.



July News

  • We are continuing with our bi-monthly KM Game Challenges. Last month, in June, we had a new riddle, and today it is time to announce the winner, Mr. Ved Prakash. We invite you all to continue following our game series, with the next challenge to be published on August 1st.

  • The first Knowledge Summit Dublin took place a few weeks ago. For those who couldn't attend, you are invited to view the presentations shared at this link.

  • In the third week of October, starting October 14, 2024, we will celebrate KM WEEK 2024. We encourage everyone to plan quizzes, lectures, knowledge exchanges, and other KM events in your organization, school, university, community, or country. If you want to join the planning team and learn what others are planning worldwide, please contact

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Video - Leveraging the value creation of tacit knowledge using GEN AI- practical ideas

Leveraging the value creation of tacit knowledge using GEN AI- practical ideas - Link

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Podcast - Knowledge Fika

This podcast hosts interesting profiles from the global Knowledge Management community, for casual conversations about relevant KM topics such as AI and AI-powered Knowledge solutions! - Link

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Article - Creating Technical Assistance Libraries to Capture Tacit Knowledge

A case study of Pathfinder International, who created technical assistance libraries to provide staff with quick access to high-quality resources and the expertise of technical advisors. - Link

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International Conference on Business Information Systems

International Conference on Business Information Systems

October 03-04, 2024 in Tokyo, Japan

Details - Link

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July 2024

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