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February 2024

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2Know Newsletter


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Otter AI: Revolutionizing Transcription with Advanced Features and Accurate Automated Solutions

Explore Otter AI, an advanced transcription tool offering real-time, accurate transcriptions of calls and meetings. With features like OtterPilot, custom vocabulary, and background noise filtering, Otter AI stands out as a cost-effective solution for efficient meeting management and transcription.

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Knowledge Management Excellence – The Recertification Process

Celebrating 11 consecutive successes in the Knowledge Management Standard audit, ROM demonstrates a commitment to excellence. The process involves year-round activities, audit preparations, and self-assessment, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and organizational development in Knowledge Management.

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Circle to Search

Google introduces Circle to Search, a new Android feature allowing seamless in-app searches through actions like highlighting or tapping on items. MultiSearch combines words and images for intricate answers, enhancing AI accessibility on smartphones amidst a decline in traditional searches. The move signifies a profound shift in knowledge search.

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Grit - Book Review

"Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance" by Angela Duckworth highlights passion and perseverance for success. It explores self-grit development, external influences, and practical strategies. Duckworth asserts that while talent is important, grit, the fusion of passion and effort, is essential for long-term success.



February News

ROM Celebrates 25 years

Join us on a year-long celebration of ROM's 25th anniversary, filled with knowledge-building challenges and exciting quests. Today marks the start of our journey as we unveil the very first challenge. Your first quest awaits when you click the link!

visit: Link

ROM Knowledge Retention Webinar

To all those who are not satisfied with their current knowledge retention outcome, you are welcome to a ROM webinar exploring the challenges together with ideas on how to perform such activities in a much better way. Visit: Link

KMGN 2024 Course Invitation

We invite you to enroll in the KMGN 2024 course: 'Leveraging the Value Creation of Tacit Knowledge.' This course, led by Moria Levy in collaboration with Vincent Ribiere, Dan Asher, and Fisher Yu, promises to be an enlightening experience. For further details and registration, visit: Link

ROM Generative AI Course  

We are thrilled to share that we have launched our 'Applying Generative AI in Organizations' course in three different languages. The Hebrew course commenced last week, and the English course has just started today with a full class. There are still available seats for our Portuguese course beginning on February 20th and our upcoming English course starting on April 4th. For more details and to register, please visit: Link

Dublin Knowledge Summit

After several years, we are returning to global KM summits, with events in Europe as well. You are cordially invited to join us at the Dublin Knowledge Summit this coming June. For more details and to register, please visit: Link  

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Into the AI unknown- a vision of tomorrow

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A blog on knowledge management and the knowledge economy

An almost secret yet interesting blog on knowledge management and the knowledge economy:

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This Company Lets Employees Take Charge—Even with Life and Death Decisions

An interesting case study by HBR on a Dutch home healthcare organization named Buurtzorg:

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International Conference on Knowledge Management, Practices and Processes

International Conference on Knowledge Management, Practices and Processes ICKMPP 

May 03-04, 2024 

Rome, Italy

Details - Here

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