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April 2024

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2Know Newsletter


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Meet SLM models – the small revolution in language AI

SLM models, a small revolution in language AI, are proficient in NLP tasks with fewer parameters compared to LLM models. They empower smaller businesses, offering speed, specialization, and cost-effectiveness, though they may lack comprehensive understanding.

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How establishing a knowledge management system improved service at the call center

Implementing a knowledge management system at a call center improved service quality by streamlining processes and empowering staff. Challenges included simplifying procedures and integrating with existing systems, but the result was enhanced efficiency and a culture of continuous improvement.

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Innovative Creativity- Book Review

"Innovative Creativity: Creating with Innovation in Mind" by Dr. Alex Bennet & Dr. Arthur Shelley, with assistance from Charles Dhewa, is a 2024 book that blends theory with practical advice to enhance individual creativity. It emphasizes using creativity for innovation, breaking down creativity components, and exploring various tools to promote creative thinking, including intuition and social development.



April News

We continue our annual celebration, marking 25 years of KM activities at ROM. As a part of these festivities, we are delighted to share a new KM game challenge bi-monthly, inviting all to participate and win prizes. Everyone who successfully solves the challenge will receive a copy of one of Alex & David Bennet's books. Additionally, we will conduct a lottery; the winner will be awarded a $100 Amazon book coupon and a personal consultancy hour with Dr. Moria Levy. Please follow this link for our April challenge- Link

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knowledge management in sales and customer support

A blog discussing knowledge management mainly related to topics of sales and customer support- Link

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Introducing a streamlined approach to knowledge management

This paper presents a simplified yet comprehensive strategy, offering fresh perspectives for effectively managing organizational knowledge- Link

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KiSure- Securing Organizational Continuity and Success, Capturing the Tacit Knowledge

KiSure- Securing Organizational Continuity and Success, Capturing the Tacit Knowledge- Video

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International Conference on Technology and Innovation

International Conference on Technology and Innovation

August 15-16, 2024 in Tokyo, Japan


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