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WIX: Beyond Website Creation for Knowledge Management

1 November 2018
Elad Piran

What is the relationship between our organization's WIX website creation platform and knowledge management?

Allegedly, there is no direct connection between the two. Intra-organizational knowledge management, as the name implies, is the process of managing, creating, maintaining, and updating organizational knowledge, information items, and documents within the organization. This is achieved using various tools and methods that are familiar to us and are based on the existing internal organizational platform, such as SharePoint or any other platform currently in use within our organization.

On the other hand, the WIX platform is specifically designed to create websites on the Internet (World Wide Web). It is an open platform accessible to anyone interested in establishing a website, offering a range of free tools and options and numerous paid options and upgrades.

From the website:

It is important to note that if we intend to establish an internal organizational website, the WIX website creation platform will not be used for this purpose. This decision is based on technical considerations (since the creation of sites occurs externally to the organization) and information security concerns.

How can the WIX platform be utilized for knowledge management within our organization? The WIX platform can be indirectly employed to benefit knowledge management in our organization. Besides its potential for establishing external websites for the business, there are other valuable insights from WIX that we can draw upon and integrate into our organizational practices, including:

  • Examining site examples, functional templates for sites and pages

  • Exploring design, UI, UX, and creative solutions for presenting information effectively

  • Utilizing course utilities to learn website-building tools and web applications

  • Creating demo sites to illustrate proof-of-concept solutions

From the WIX website:

Another advantage of WIX is that the company, as a platform, is continually growing and evolving—similar to the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit we uphold within our organization.

What does the future hold for us? The WIX platform is in a state of constant evolution and growth. If we reflect on its origins two years ago, it emerged as an innovative and revolutionary platform for establishing free websites on the Internet, offering a free model and a pricing structure based on various site features. Presently, under the umbrella of the WIX brand, several additional platforms have been integrated, including:

  • WIX Logos – a platform for designing logos

  • WIX ShoutOut – a platform for creating email designs and conducting email marketing campaigns

  • WIX Stores – a platform for setting up online stores

  • WIX Answers – a platform for establishing knowledge bases, knowledge managers, and systems for technical support and customer service

In subsequent articles, we will delve into these new features introduced by WIX.


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