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ROM Celebrates 25 years

Celebrate Our 25th Anniversary All Year Long! 

At ROM, we believe that celebrations should last longer than a day. That's why, as we mark our 25th anniversary, we've decided to make it a year of festivities!

Why celebrate alone when we can celebrate together? Join us for six exciting challenges that embody ROM’s essence: Knowledge, Gamification, Innovation, and thinking outside the box. Every two months, a brand-new challenge will be unveiled.

Here's the exciting part: You're invited to participate, unravel the riddles, and even stand a chance to win fantastic prizes! 

All those who have completed the challenge will receive a copy of 'Reblooming the Knowledge' by Alex Bennet and Robert Turner, sponsored by Alex Bennet.

Our  April challenge is already underway, so make sure to take advantage of the fun, and good luck to all participants! 

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