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Sharepoint Designer

1 June 2012
Elad Piran

What is SharePoint Designer 2010?

SharePoint Designer 2010 is a SharePoint utility for designing, constructing and personalizing websites operating in a SharePoint environment. With SharePoint Designer 2010, you can create data-endowed internet pages, construct powerful solutions adapted for work processes and design the website's display of your SharePoint website without using any code (or a software developer).

SharePoint Designer 2010 features a complete interface of the SharePoint website that displays to users the website's components: lists, libraries, types of content, data sources, work processes, etc. Selecting a component displays the various editing options on the toolbar. At any point, changes made to a component can be saved; you can then return to the website's overview.

Common uses of SharePoint Designer 2010 include:

  • Setting up and creating new websites

  •  Creating personalized displays

  • Creating structured forms in the website

  • Creating personalized workflow sheets

  •  Designing pages and saving them as templates

Useful tips when using SharePoint Designer 2010:

  • Authorization management for websites and components in websites or sub-sites.

  • SharePoint Designer 2010's new authorization screen enables granting various levels of access rights to various users of this utility.

    • The new Toolbar and Ribbon can be personalized by users to include their preferred set of commands and options thus making work substantially more efficient.

    • A vital addition to SharePoint Designer 2010 as opposed to its previous version is the Breadcrumb, a navigation bar which enables finding their location in the website quickly and easily. The Breadcrumb's usability is similar to Internet Explorer's usability that includes a "History" button that leads to previous versions of this page or previous performed actions and simultaneously supporting several tabs of multiple pages.

    • Constructing and managing workflows has greatly improved in this version: you can now construct complex work process, export to templates and import them for reuse to the website collection. Furthermore, prepared work processes can be exported via Visio Professional 2010.


More vital information:

  •  SharePoint Designer 2010 does not support SharePoint 2007. When websites require managing in two environments simultaneously, users will require two different versions of SharePoint Designer.

  • SharePoint Designer 2010 does not feature hyperlink display, which was meant to examine broken links throughout the website's pages. Instead, SharePoint Designer 2010 error checking should be used.

  • SharePoint Designer 2010 does not allow creating HTML/WEB components which aren't linked to SharePoint server. This means that any website not built in a SharePoint 2010 environment cannot be created, edited or published.

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