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Guidelines and SOP

Select a Business task: 

Based on the information provided in the attached Guideline / SOP / Procedure, design a flow chart or diagram that visually represents its key concepts and interconnections.

The chart should clearly delineate the structure of the content, illustrate relationships, and facilitate understanding of the overall information flow.

Ensure that the diagram is organized logically, highlights critical pathways, and is easily interpretable. Where necessary, include brief labels or descriptions to clarify the stages or components presented.

Specify components that need special attention

Please evaluate the proposed flow chart/diagram by identifying its strengths and weaknesses.

Suggest another option


Refining the request

Effective conversation- divergence

Critical thinking 

Create aflow chart or diagram for the uploaded Guideline / SOP / Procedure

Human Machine Augmentation

  1. Consider if the representation is objective and if any bias in the presentation of information has been introduced

  2. Practical Application - Think about how the diagram will be used in practice and whether it meets the needs of its intended audience

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