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Knowledge Retention Mastery using the KiSure Advanced Methodology and Best Practices


After course completion, the student will have acquired the skills to:

  • Identify and prioritize critical knowledge within their organization, ensuring strategic alignment with business objectives.

  • Capture tacit and explicit knowledge efficiently, making it actionable and accessible.

  • Engage the experts in the retention process.

  • Structure and document the knowledge in a manner that is both sustainable and conducive to easy retrieval and application.

  • Seamlessly integrate retained knowledge into the company's culture and daily processes, thereby enhancing overall organizational resilience and adaptability.

  • Oversee knowledge retention initiatives from start to finish, delivering results that solidify the company’s intellectual foundation and contribute to its competitive edge.


This course is designed for knowledge managers, HR personnel, training department staff, and business managers seeking to master knowledge retention. Covering the KiSure methodology, it navigates through strategic knowledge identification, expert engagement, and effective capture of explicit, implicit, and tacit expertise. Attendees will learn to document and integrate vital knowledge into organizational practices, enhancing operational excellence.


5 weekly group sessions (60 minutes each) plus one hour personal support

March 11th, 2024

Course Starting Dates


300$ USD


Participants should have experience working with experts within organizations and possess strong communication skills

  1. Planning the Move - Best practices for initiating a knowledge retention project

  2. Mapping and Prioritizing - Handling the knowledge effectively

  3. Capturing and Documenting -  Ensuring both tacit and explicit knowledge are recorded

  4. Engaging the Expert - Encouraging cooperation and collaboration

  5. Delivering the Outputs - Enhancing their optimal use and integration

Syllabus Highlights

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