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Putting Stories to Work: Mastering Business Storytelling

"Putting Stories to Work: Mastering Business Storytelling" by Shawn Callahan explores the power of storytelling in conveying messages, building trust, and influencing decision-making. It provides practical guidance for discovering, sharing, and refreshing impactful stories.

Embedded BI

Embedded BI is an incorporation of reports and analytical abilities in existing operational systems that serve the workers during their ongoing work. This sort of BI is incorporated in the operative world and assists in making better decisions in real time.

User Experience and Users in the Organization

Effective knowledge management solutions require considering the diverse needs of users and investing in user experience to ensure successful assimilation.

Trends and innovation in Knowledge Management in 2016

This article, based on a 2015 lecture, explores predicted trends in knowledge management for 2016, including social networks, mobile applications, expanded search, MOOCs, and change management. Knowledge managers play a crucial role in realizing these trends.

Sensibility, sensitivity and Change Management

The author shares their experience of implementing a digital platform in a global organization and provides insights on process management and analysis. They suggest considering the end goal and breaking down the process into stages, simplifying it for easy communication, involving the customer in the process, and managing it efficiently with appropriate tools and techniques. They also emphasize the importance of building trust and acknowledging success to pave the way for future change.

KM and football

This article discusses the importance of Knowledge Management in football clubs to achieve success. Financial investments and signing better players do not always guarantee success in the field. The article emphasizes the need for a wise financial investment supported by scouting and analysis to identify players that might suit the club professionally and economically. It highlights the importance of appointing a Sports Director responsible for leading the club's strategy and philosophy and decentralizing any central power. The article also emphasizes the significance of collecting and analyzing data on players and sharing the knowledge with other club personnel. Methodical Knowledge Management can lead to more intelligent and data-based decisions and a more prosperous future.

Change Management Plans: what, why, and how

Implementing a successful Knowledge Management solution requires change management to overcome the resistance to change. The first step is preparing the infrastructure by defining the target audiences, objectives, challenges, and key factors for success. Mapping the communication channels is also necessary to determine the appropriate message and frequency for each target audience. The next step is building a change management plan that breaks down the actions into clear and concrete tasks and appoints someone responsible for their execution. It is important to remember that change management is a marathon, not a sprint, and requires a structured plan that is manageable for workers.

Ascending the golden bridge: an implementation tool for changes and new KM technologies

The bridge metaphor and Unifying Bridge model by Elon Walhead offer resources for navigating change in various contexts, including Knowledge Management, promoting positive work environments and successful implementation.

Change Management

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