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What is new in “The NEW collaboration”?

2 May 2023
Dr. Moria Levy

We are all natural collaborators, so what is new on our plate, in the “NEW COLLABORATION” era?

New Collaboration is all about people connecting to build relationships and trust, to facilitate working together towards common goals, with no boundaries.

In new collaboration, we not only work virtually, globally, with no limits, with trust, in an ecosystem; we work with people who are different from us (“the week links”).

Working with different people has many consequences:

First, a vibrant collective shared experience that no sub-team could reach alone.

Second, these initiatives can engage nearly endless experts that to take part; there are no organizational or country boundaries to block the collaboration.

Third, people have different sub-agendas. Such may sound like a source of conflict; however, these conflicts and clashes, if produced in an ecosystem of trust, deep relationships, and shared objectives, can turn out to be a source of fruitful ideas and amazing innovation.

The outcomes of the NEW collaboration are powerful:

Intangible results that can serve as assets and may be reused in future initiatives and projects.

Cross companies' intelligent integrated supply chains (in so many levels and layers).

In my opinion, one of the most important outcomes is the ability to work together towards a shared objective, not only as a company but as an industry and a discipline level, having a real, meaningful IMPACT.

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