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21 March 2023
Dr. Moria Levy
Open hand in sky


We all know how important it is to build trust in one another in order to smooth collaboration.

Mohamad Faiz Selamat led the Knowledge Management Global Network course of the new collaboration today.

We thought we knew it all, yet the session shed light on some new and important aspects:

  1. Intimacy and sharing personal information build trust. So even if we are in a professional or formal context, find opportunities to get more acquainted socially and find ways to share something about your personal life!

  2. Open minds, open hearts, and open will, enable us to avoid the voice of judgment, the voice of cynicism, and the voice of fear. Each one, and all together, build trust.

  3. Trust is much more than interpersonal. Start with self-trust (!!), then add relationship trust (interpersonal). However, on these, three additional waves can take trust to be a key element of success: Organizational trust (alignment); Market trust (Reputation); and Societal trust (Contribution and responsibility). Don't miss any of these.

  4. A list of trust behaviors in different contexts was shared with the listeners. Analyzing such a list can help each one of us assess our gaps and more easily find the path to improve.

Last but not least, as leaders, always be attentive not only to building trust behaviors, but also to signals and flags that may be symptoms of trust "breakers". Address them before these address you...

First publidhed in LinkedIn:

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