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Have you heard of ShareGate?

1 January 2018
Elad Piran

Spoiler: this piece was written while migrating to SharePoint websites @ a client via ShareGate and is the result of great excitement.


I am quite excited to tell you…

I can recall only few occasions on which I studied a new technological tool or product and gain confidence in its potential and my ability to master its use as well as the expected results after only one day of experiencing this tool.

This is one of those rare occasions. I gladly introduce you to ShareGate.

What is ShareGate?

ShareGate is an independent technological product that features an interface for SharePoint or Office365 organizational environments which enables users to perform several processes:

  1. Administer your work environment: charting environments and scanning it on various levels simply and intuitively

  2. Reorganizing work environments

  3. Migrating websites, components, documents, content etc. either as individual elements or websites including all stored content according to users' selection

  4. Managing and tracking security/authorization @ the work environment on all existing website levels

  5. Complete integration with NINTEX

  6. Various tracking reports

Source: company website


Who needs this tool?

Nearly every client I've encountered expressed their need for data migration or at lease used the term. Everyone has old knowledge and information databases that require migration to new work environments. Most organizations happen to migrate to SharePoint or Office365.

I can recall data migration processes in which I participated a while back which involved developing intra-organizational apps, long development hours, tests and reviews. It could be worse: some processes were performed manually.

So here's the good news: you don't need all that anymore.

If you got an old SharePoint work environment or need to migrate/transfer/merge SharePoint/Office365 work environments, ShareGate is the solution as its website claims " “ShareGate Supports All SharePoint Versions from 2003 to 2016 & Office 365”.  Share Gare supports the following work environments:

High quality service and support

When a warning notification appears, a link to the relevant support page appeared as well and its content was surprisingly focused and concise. Bravo!

When an organizational query rose we contacted the support team by phone (since they are based in Canada) and received a gracious and precise response. Bravo again!

The ShareGate website refers to this as “Unlimited Phone & Email Support”.

One last word

You don't have to take my word for it; you can try it out yourselves! Acess the ShareGate website and fill our your details under "get your 15-day trial" and start immediately. It's very simple.

Note: This article's writer has no relation to neither the product nor its marketer. This piece is entirely based on personal experience.


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