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Gamification: The Art of Playful Engagement

1 April 2022
Dr. Moria Levy
the word game on dice

We all loved to play as children; we all love to play now, even though we are not children anymore.

Today in the KMGN KM advanced methodologies course, Rudolf D'Souza led us to understand better the world of gamification.

Rudolph is an experienced knowledge manager and, like all of us KMers, likes specific KM solutions or components more than the others. Chatting with Rudolph recently, I learned that his passion is gamification.

Some recommendations for successful gamification:

  1. Components: Include in your gamification components of strategy (thinking), capabilities, challenge, rewards, and chance. Don’t exaggerate with the weight of chance.

  2. Transparency: be sure that the game's rules are clear and the results, including interim results, are transparent to all.

  3.  Addressing a root-level business need: Gamification requires investment. It should address a business need. Verify you address a root-level need, not the one shiny on the surface.

  4. Alignment with organizational culture: Align the gamification style with your organization and workers and organizational culture. If, for example, you are in a high-tech organization, add badges, knights, Marvell, and other fantasy-based characters.

  5. Integration with organizational culture: Integrate gamification with the existing organization’s digital platforms- Intranet, newsletters, etc.

  6. Current relevancy: Examine the surrounding- what TV shows or social network games are more popular these days. Use the context of one of these for your gamification.

  7. Decreased voltage: It is natural to have an after-game reduced voltage. Be aware and plan steps to turn the curve again and remain with positively increased engagement.

And I wish to add one recommendation of myself: Have fun. When you enjoy, you enlighten others, and the gamification process is halfway the hill to success.

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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