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Decision-making in the new world of collaboration

1 June 2023

Dr. Moria Levy

One might question the relevance of decision-making in collaboration. It's straightforward: when we are alone, we decide alone. There's no issue if we're together, and no decision is required. But collaboration goes beyond merely being together. It involves individuals with unique understandings and suggestions and a shared objective that must be achieved. In this context, decision-making becomes essential. This process becomes even more complicated in the new collaborative era, characterized by participants from different departments or organizations, each with sub-agendas that may not necessarily align. As such, decision-making can prove to be quite a challenge.

The contemporary world adds further complexity to this process. Traditional decision-making often relied on models of democracy, consensus, committee, autocracy, or expert rules. However, in today's brittle, anxious, non-linear, and incomprehensible environment, these models may be less effective.

Nevertheless, three strategies can facilitate smoother interactions and foster more efficient decision-making processes:

a. Cultivate a spirit of co-opetition: Allowing everyone to express their agendas can facilitate collective focus on shared objectives.

b. Emphasize the expected good and mutual benefits: A shared purpose transcending individual interests can help us avoid becoming mired in every minor detail.

c. Leverage technology to enhance transparency: This can foster a sense of organizational justice, enhancing trust in the process.

Collaboration challenges can sometimes seem overwhelming, but be reassured! The benefits are substantial and continue to grow over time. So, stay the course - you'll encounter remarkable people on this journey, and we believe that you'll all be smiling at the end of the day.

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