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Cracking Gamification: Challenge, Feedback, and Reward

1 April 2023
Dr. Moria Levy
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Yes- gamification is sexy. We really like it when we are exposed to gamification (in the right balance) in the workplace. Many of us, however, feel less happy when we are requested to plan and embed a game in next week’s meeting. It indeed may be stressful to prepare a proper game that will both be enjoyable and serve a defined objective.

Today, in the Knowledge Management Global Network new collaboration, we discussed gamification, and even more specifically, one type of gamification- adding games to boost the connection between stakeholders.

Paul Dedkov led the discussion, sharing his two decades of experience.

Three words, that’s all we have to remember:

Challenge, Feedback, and Reward.

If we understand and implement these three- we crack and win it!

Challenge: When planning a game, we must design the difficulty level, increasing it for those expert players. Think of the game flow. If it is too easy- people will feel bored; however, if it is over complicated- we lose them as well.

Feedback: Verify that you have ways to feedback to the players on their progress and success.

Reward: Soft. Seek ways to see that people feel pride in winning, for example, expressing belonging, etc. Seek joy, which can be obtained through, for example, a funny process.

 When we plan the challenge, feedback, and reward, it will help if we understand the users' archetype- are they friendly? Are they fighters? Are they hunters? Or are they game collectors?

One tip I want to add to make it even easier and more successful: Focus on the strategy, as explained above, however, implement using digital game generators such as or It will provide you with endless ideas for games, and the level of the product will be upgraded. Significantly.


Have fun!

This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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