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Collaborative Positioning: Celebrating the difference

9 May 2023
Dr. Moria Levy
Colorful eggs. Together- synergy.

As a knowledge manager, you may feel less comfortable with the concept of positioning, thinking it's something that only concerns marketing professionals. However, positioning is a crucial process for effective competition and collaboration management, and it can help you differentiate yourself in the eyes of your customers and succeed in the new era.

Positioning involves classifying and differentiating products, companies, people, territories, and brands. It enables you to distinguish yourself from the competition and stand out in the minds of your customers. Moreover, positioning can also serve as a lever for collaboration.

When working alone, positioning helps you celebrate the difference between yourself and your competitors. However, when collaborating with others, positioning takes on a deeper significance. When collaborating with the entire industry or a specific team, you have the opportunity to build a joint positioning based on your differences. This collaborative positioning is much stronger and richer than what you can achieve alone.

In a team collaboration scenario, building a joint positioning involves celebrating the differences twice: within the team, creating a strong joint positioning through these clashing differences, and between your team and the rest of the world, celebrating differences based on the positioning you have earned.

While collaborative positioning may sound complex, it is a powerful tool that can work almost like magic for your business. By leveraging your differences, celebrating them, and building a strong joint positioning, you can differentiate yourself in the market, succeed in the new era, and collaborate more effectively with others.

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