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BI 3.0

1 May 2014
Anat Bielsky

The term BI3.0 refers to a Business intelligence that enables the use of characteristics of Social Media in its wide definition. Functionality of social media, as information sharing, collective decision making, personalized information, all assist the users in receiving important insights regarding business activities. Such insights cannot be achieved via classical BI, based only on data.


The evolution of BI passes through three main generations:

At first, access to data and creating BI reports was open to all users. It didn’t take to much time and the power of creating reports was returned to IT. Thus, as many users found it challenging to define endless reports, and as contradicting reports were produced as to misinterpretation of data.

Nowdays, the trend is to return and enable more usage of BI services in self-service format that will enable creating reports independently using friendly interfaces based on orientation designated for business users. BI 3.0 offers a number of new unique abilities suitable for the current zeitgeist and includes social, mobile and local aspects (SoLoMo). Prominent examples of BI 3.0 include Social BI, Mobile BI and also Self-Service BI.

Mobile BI enables the organization's workers to access organizational information directly via their mobile devices and view information using BI tools installed on their mobile devices. Access to this data enables organizations to be more competitive and provide a quick answer in real time.

Social BI tools enable the business users to share KPI, reports and graphs and enables immediately receiving an opinion members of the organization. For further information, click here.

Self Service BI tools enable the majority of edge users, including those who do not possess the knowledge of and/or have never worked with technology-oriented systems, unmediated access to data that in the past were available exclusively through the mediation of information systems customized by request, research analysis, etc. for further information on this term, click here.

To conclude, BI 3.0 enable quick access to real time data from anywhere using tools extracted from the world of Social

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