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Beyond Digital Transformation: The Role of Knowledge and Collaboration in Organizational Growth

1 October 2022
Dr. Moria Levy

Many of us are familiar with the term "Digital transformation". Digital transformation is a code coupling two significant engines of organizational growth; growth based on innovative usage of new digital technologies and growth based on strategic leveraging of data.

These two data and digital technology engines are integrated many times together; however, this is not a "must", and it is crucial to recognize both.

Why am I writing a KM piece on these two engines?

Because I want to announce two additional engines that complement and support the two known engines, and these are: knowledge and collaboration.

In this new era of industry 5.0, knowledge leveraging and new collaboration are significant engines that can take an organization and help it grow exponentially.

Organizations that know how to spot their unique knowledge can base new services on this knowledge. A construction company, for example, can sell house building locally; however, it can sell design services worldwide. Knowledge is a wonderful asset that is not wasted when shared or used; therefore, the potential for wisely selling services based on it is enormous.

In this new world of possibilities, no one can handle it all. That is where cross-collaboration with organizations offering complementing services can produce new bundles, providing the customer with new, better, and more joyful solutions and experiences.

First pilots of knowledge and collaboration are now taking place... and they seem successful and relatively cheap.

I am calling business C-suites to start requesting such changes.

I am calling KMers to roll their sleeves up and start providing such services.

A new era is here, and we have an essential role as knowledge managers in driving it forward.

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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