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A review of SharePoint 2019's new features

1 December 2018

In 2020, Microsoft's extended support of SharePoint 2013 is expected to come to an end. This is one of many reasons to focus on the future and examine what new abilities can SharePoint 2019 offer the world of Knowledge Management.

  1. Heavily relying on UI components that serve SharePoint online. The new SharePoint features a new and modern design for both websites and pages for better responsiveness. This will allow a better mobile display of pages/websites and other browsers.

  2. Expanding the OneDrive abilities in SharePoint 2019: a new component that allows synchronizing with SharePoint files both when said component is stored on organization servers on premise and when the files are stored on the OneDrive cloud environment. The new version allows users to enter both from anywhere. Furthermore, SharePoint 2019 enables 'push' messages for users of OneDrive file synchronization regarding changes in the content of the synchronized files. Another OneDrive feature offered by this version of SharePoint allows users to view all files in all websites either followed by the user of subscribed to by the user. Thus, they can get a comprehensive update on all relevant files.

  3. New abilities of the website homepages: website homepages allow users to display an array of messages from different websites associated with the users of followed by them. Furthermore, there is another component that allows quick access to websites said users are following. This leads to the creation of hub websites in SharePoint which concentrate a number of related websites in one display.

  4. Communication sites: These sites are meant to replace publishing sites, another type of websites originating in the SharePoint online information. Such a website enables sharing news when its central component is "hero webpart" that allows users to display up to five items that include a picture, text and links to attract users' attention to promoted content.

Hereby is an example of utilizing this component: Link

  1. Search: the SharePoint 2019's search also provides the modern experience in which users can see the search results before completing the search word. Furthermore, the result page displays the accumulated search results catalogued according to type.

  2. Use of new abilities in lists and libraries: users can copy and relocate files using the taskbar. Also, there is an ability to add files as links.

What will be removed from the new version of SharePoint?

Hereby are the main applications that are omitted from the 2019 version:

  1. SharePoint designer will not be featured on this new version of SharePoint. However, the SharePoint designer 2013 will be continuously supported till 2026.

  2. The ability to download code-based application/components. Microsoft decided to remove this ability from SharePoint 2013. Replaced by SharePoint add-ins.

  3. Visio: Visio charts can be displayed on SharePoint in two manners: one is a .PNG picture while the other involves using the Microsoft Silverlight component. This component will not be supported on the new version of SharePoint.

  4. The Newsfeed component featured in previous versions of SharePoint will be replaced by new and existing relevant abilities on SharePoint 2019.

For more on the abilities/applications that will wane away with the emergence of the new version, click here.


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