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איש מטפס על סולם הנשען על ערמת ספרים וברקע בניינים גבוהים

ROM Knowledgware

Our mission is to be the global leader in knowledge management,

improving growth and success of our customers around the world.

This site serves two goals: To reach out to customers and partners, and

to enable the community free-of-charge access to our elaborate KM knowledge base.



Boosting the implementation of ISO30401 - A collaborative community project By Dr. Moria Levy

1 May 2023


KMGN Round Tables - Examining the impact of new technological trends on knowledge management

1 May 2023

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1 May 2023

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360 Degrees Video interview on KM- Santhosh Shekar discussing with Dr. Moria Levy

1 May 2023

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