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איש מטפס על סולם הנשען על ערמת ספרים וברקע בניינים גבוהים

Our Mission is to be the global leader in knowledge management, improving the growth and success of our customers worldwide, through a global network of partners, leading a comprehensive and innovative range of KM solutions.

This site serves two goals: To reach out to customers and partners, and

to enable the community free-of-charge access to our elaborate KM knowledge base.

ROM Global

Our Services

2Know Newsletter

A monthly newsletter  

for any KMer

Knowledge Management courses

KM education

courses and workshops

Knowledge Management Knowledgebase

KM methodologies database

Business solutions

All levels of KM consulting, project execution and

Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

- KM Strategy planning and implementing knowledge management programs

- KM projects and ongoing execution

- KM education

- KM  consulting and mentoring

- KM activities

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