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Portals and Intranets

Transform your website and portals into knowledge powerhouses with our service. 

We organize content for easy access, empowering customers, employees, and the public to find the information they need instantly. 

Bridge the knowledge gap by making valuable insights readily available, optimized for informed decision-making across self-service, training, and more.

Boost engagement and efficiency through streamlined, well-structured navigation that saves time and frustration. 

Let us simplify knowledge-sharing by surfacing buried information, fostering a culture of learning and collaboration through accessible websites and portals.

ROM leads solutions for characterization, planning (including UX and user experience), and setting up portals adapted to desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Our experts define business processes and determine organizational governance for the management of these websites and portals. In some organizations, we take responsibility for the actual operations of those sites.

ROM can lead the change management process (assimilation) to ensure that the investment in these rich environments will indeed result in business improvement.

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