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June News

We proudly announce a joint venture with the renowned KMer Alex Bennet from the Mountain Quest Institute (MQI). This collaboration brings two new content resources available to everyone on our website: 

  1. Access to MQI's open-source books.

  2. A new collection of 40 essential knowledge capacities.

We invite everyone to visit our website and use these new resources. 

Additionally, you can find ROM's KM glossary, book reviews, and nearly 1,000 KM articles on our site. 

To those who are spontaneous, the KM Summit Dublin, to take place on June 10-11, is a great opportunity to meet all the big-name speakers in one place. For more details >>

We continue offering KM education courses on KM methodologies and Gen AI implementation. Please refer to us for details and dates.

Last but not least, we are opening our third KM game challenge as part of our 25-year celebration of ROM. Join the challenges and possibly win a prize >>

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