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Useful tips for writing a procedure

To write effective procedures, it is important to pre-plan and follow certain principles. These include defining the procedure's goal, ensuring clarity and compatibility with regulations, and writing information in a clear and interpretable manner. Tips for optimal writing include using clear style and wording, avoiding passive phrasing and unnecessary acronyms, and properly defining terms and functionaries.

Using a knowledge directory as an organizational procedure system

Knowledge is a powerful tool that enables individuals and organizations to achieve their goals efficiently. Just as the human brain processes information, organizations can create, retain, and utilize knowledge through a Knowledge Management system. This system comprises two branches: the organizational procedure system, which handles detailed and accurate knowledge, and the service-oriented Knowledge Management system, which focuses on making the knowledge accessible and action-oriented. Combining these two branches requires careful consideration of various implications and a commitment to cooperation among organizational parties.

SOPs and Smart documents’ accessibility

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