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Future-Oriented Debriefing - A Short and Effective Methodology

The text presents a future-oriented debriefing methodology that asks "What would we recommend if planning again today with additional knowledge?" to effectively derive practical lessons learned without getting stuck in emotional aspects of admitting past mistakes.

ATP 6- 01.1 Knowledge Management

The ATP 6-01.1 Knowledge Management guide offers military commanders and practitioners detailed insights into implementing knowledge management. It emphasizes key aspects such as roles, processes, and supporting activities, providing valuable strategies for organizational improvement.

The Smart Mission - Book Review

"The Smart Mission" explores NASA's knowledge management post-shuttle disasters. Emphasizing work knowledge, learning, storytelling, and global collaboration, it advocates dynamic approaches. Effective knowledge management involves social infrastructure, identifying critical knowledge, and interdisciplinary understanding. In today's uncertain world, it highlights leadership and knowledge's pivotal roles.

Nurturing Insights: A Comprehensive Approach to Lessons Learned in the Wake of COVID-19

Israel reflects on post-COVID-19 experiences, highlighting the significance of methodological lessons for organizational development. It explores challenges, coping strategies, and suggests refined emergency learning methodologies, stressing collaboration for collective progress in challenging times.

Organization theories- Book Review

Organizational theories, as explored in Mary Jo Hetz's book, stress the need for customized knowledge management solutions. The text navigates historical development, ingredient broth, and perspectives, emphasizing context-specificity. It also underscores lessons for effective knowledge management, advocating for diverse perspectives and acknowledging collective knowledge advancement.

Experience as the source of learning and development- Book Review

The text discusses ongoing learning beyond formal education, centered on David Kolb's book on experiential learning. It explores learning cycles, styles, and their impact on professions, correlating learning styles with careers. The author emphasizes the integration of concrete experience and abstract conceptualization for genuine learning and organizational success.

Learning to Learn from Experience- Book Review

This text discusses the challenges of learning from experience, emphasizing the need for critical self-reflection. Drawing from Edward Szell's book, it explores learning levels, skills, and tools for effective experience-based learning in both personal and organizational contexts.

The Lessons Learned Handbook - Book Review

"The Lessons Learned Handbook" by Nick Milton, a prominent knowledge management consultant, comprehensively explores the lifecycle of lessons learned. The book covers topics like learning systems, collection mechanisms, writing lessons, taking action, knowledge dissemination, governance, safety investigations, and practical tips. It offers valuable insights for organizations and individuals in this field.

Establishing a Lessons Learned Program - Book Review

"Establishing a Lessons Learned Program" by the US Army Learning Division is a comprehensive handbook covering motivation, terminology, and implementation of lessons learned programs. It includes real-world examples, practical guidance, and emphasizes sharing insights and implementing change in organizations.

Noise - Book Review

"Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment" by Daniel Kahneman, Olivia Siboni, and Cass Sunstein dissects the underestimated impact of "noise" on human decision-making in professional contexts. It examines origins and manifestations of noise, offers tools to enhance judgment, and introduces a "mediated evaluations protocol." Balancing human and automated methods, the book underlines accuracy in judgment as the ultimate goal.

The innovator’s Dilemma - Book Review

Clayton Christensen's "The Innovator's Dilemma" explores why successful companies fail in the face of disruptive technologies. Covering transformation management, breakthroughs, market dynamics, and more, the book offers insights into managing innovation.

REWORK - Book Review

"REWORK" challenges conventional methods in running startups and companies. Authored by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the book offers a different managerial approach, urging readers to question established norms and consider unique paths to success in business development, work, marketing, and customer relations. The book encourages a balanced management style, building an independent and evolving organizational culture.

Lessons Learned

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