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Learning to Learn from Experience- Book Review

This text discusses the challenges of learning from experience, emphasizing the need for critical self-reflection. Drawing from Edward Szell's book, it explores learning levels, skills, and tools for effective experience-based learning in both personal and organizational contexts.

Leadership on the Line - Book Review

"Leadership on the Line" by Lynskey and Heifetz explores leadership beyond authority, linking it to knowledge management. It emphasizes adaptive change, detailing resistance strategies, conflict management, and the personal challenges leaders face. The book urges persistence, self-control, and maintaining hope for meaningful leadership.

The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence - Book Review

"The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence" by Steve and Nancy Williams (2007) offers practical tools for advancing business intelligence within organizations, drawing from the authors' hands-on experience. The book covers identifying opportunities, organizational prerequisites, suggested activity methods, and common errors. It envisions a future where business intelligence becomes central to strategic goals. Highly recommended for those in business intelligence seeking skill enhancement.

Making Cents out of Knowledge Management - Book Review

"Making Cents out of Knowledge Management" by Jay Liebowitz explores the ROI and value of knowledge management. Divided into two parts, the book provides methodological insights and case studies from diverse organizations worldwide. It's a recommended read, offering a rich collection of practical wisdom on knowledge management.

A Practical Guide to Risk Management - Book Review

"A Practical Guide to Risk Management" by Thomas Coleman (2011) delves into financial risk management with broader insights into management. The book covers risks, measurement, analysis, reporting, and risk management. Emphasizing quantitative measurement, it provides tools for decision-making and recommends balancing rigidity and flexibility in organizational processes.

Good Strategy - Bad Strategy - Book Review

"Good Strategy - Bad Strategy" by Richard Rumelt challenges conventional strategy formulation by emphasizing the need for a practical, focused, and well-analyzed approach to drive meaningful change. The book identifies the flaws in many existing strategies and offers guidance for creating effective strategies. Rumelt's insights can transform your strategic thinking.

PVaR - Book Review

"PVaR: Project Value at Risk" by Nicki Kons (2016) introduces a risk management model for project management. PVaR, derived from financial VaR, assesses project value's risk concerning time and budget. Topics include risk identification, calculation methods, effective communication, and future trends in project risk management.

Knowledge Management as a tool of Risk Management

Knowledge Management is not a substitute for risk management techniques currently used in organizations. Nevertheless, Knowledge Management can upgrade these issues' treatment.

Knowledge Risk Management

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