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What’s happening in the Knowledge Management Standard Committee? September 2015

It discusses the development of an ISO standard for knowledge management, involving experts from multiple countries. Key decisions include making it a principles-based standard focused on having a knowledge management system and continuous improvement, rather than prescribing specific implementation methods. An in-person meeting is planned in November.

What’s happening in the Knowledge Management Standard Committee - October 2015

An international committee, led by Israel, is drafting a global standard for knowledge management certification. Key discussions involve the writing framework, definitions of terms, foundational chapters on solutions, and organizational culture. Input from the public is welcomed to shape this important global standard.

Knowledge Management Excellence – The Recertification Process

Celebrating 11 consecutive successes in the Knowledge Management Standard audit, ROM demonstrates a commitment to excellence. The process involves year-round activities, audit preparations, and self-assessment, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and organizational development in Knowledge Management.

The KM Cookbook - Book Review

"The KM Cookbook" explores knowledge management strategies and case studies with a focus on implementing Standard 30401. While the book's title may be misleading, it offers valuable insights into the field.

ISO Knowledge Management certification: To be certified- our personal perspective

The Standards Institution of Israel published the first Knowledge Management standard. A knowledge management company underwent the certification process successfully.

Initial examination of organizational needs according to KM Standard SI 25006

The standard represents the 'compass' of Knowledge Management; the manager will know the definition of the conduct of an organization "perfectly". Its chapters, as a result, represent aspects and dimensions that should be taken into consideration when diagnosing the state of the organization, specifically in the field of Knowledge Management.

Should you purchase the Knowledge Management standard?

During consultations with a client, the focus shifted to broader organizational needs. Implementing the KM standard provided guidance and a long-term plan for Knowledge Management.

The 2013 KM World Convention: A summary of my conversation with Jay Liebowitz

Jay Liebowitz falls under the second category, as he is one of approximately 30 academics promoting the field in the US. Furthermore, he is regarded as either the first or second, in terms of the number of publications and books he has produced on the subject

Boosting the implementation of ISO30401- a collaborative community project

One of the projects initiated by KMGN is the ISO30401 implementation, which aims to improve the level of KM in organizations worldwide. The outcome of this project is a toolbox including four toolkits: Starters, Compass, Advance, and Resources. These toolkits aim to introduce and mediate the language of ISO to KMers, help organizations learn where to invest in excelling, enable organizations with excellent KM to win certification efficiently and effectively and provide additional resources to supplement the process. The next stage is the actual implementation of ISO30401 implementation in organizations based on the infrastructure prepared. The ultimate goal is to bring prosperity to the world through better KM in organizations and society.

ISO30401 implementation toolbox

This post presents a free online toolbox consisting of four toolkits, created by KMers from 12 countries and five continents, to assist organizations in their journey to ISO30401 certification. The toolbox includes a Starter toolkit, Compass toolkit, Advanced toolkit, and Resource toolkit, to help organizations audit their knowledge management practices, benchmark themselves to the industry, and prepare an excellent-leveled KM program with minimal effort. The toolbox is intended to help organizations overcome the language barrier that is preventing them from adopting the ISO30401 standard and achieving KM excellence.

ISO 30401

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