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ChatGPT in Knowledge Management and Service Desks

Since its emergence in November 2022, ChatGPT has prompted organizations to explore its integration possibilities and value in knowledge management and service desks. It aids in content creation, structured searches, written communication, and knowledge documentation, albeit with ongoing considerations like data security and human collaboration.

Meet SLM models – the small revolution in language AI

SLM models, a small revolution in language AI, are proficient in NLP tasks with fewer parameters compared to LLM models. They empower smaller businesses, offering speed, specialization, and cost-effectiveness, though they may lack comprehensive understanding.

A Guide to Advanced AI Image Generators: Tools, Tech, and More

The text provides a comprehensive overview of advanced AI image generators launched in 2022, such as OpenAI's DALL-E 2, Google's Imagen, Leonardo.Ai, Midjourney, and It explores their technologies, advantages, disadvantages, and specific features, emphasizing their potential impact on various industries and creative fields.

Otter AI: Revolutionizing Transcription with Advanced Features and Accurate Automated Solutions

Explore Otter AI, an advanced transcription tool offering real-time, accurate transcriptions of calls and meetings. With features like OtterPilot, custom vocabulary, and background noise filtering, Otter AI stands out as a cost-effective solution for efficient meeting management and transcription.

Enhance Your Potential with Socra AI: An Intelligent Companion for Personal Goal Attainment

Socra, an AI standout, prioritizes personalized goal achievement. Its unique features include a personal trainer, Socrates, providing structured training and diverse resources. Designed to combat procrastination, Socra offers an interactive, motivating goal-setting experience.


AskyourPdf, an AI-driven tool, transforms PDF interaction by aiding navigation and extraction of insights, enhancing efficiency. Operating within ChatGPT or independently, it offers diverse functionalities for extracting information. Despite being free, subscriptions provide expanded features. Alternative tools like UPDF AI may be preferred for specific capabilities.

Insights into Extractive AI

Extractive AI extracts and summarizes information using Natural Language Processing. It identifies entities, keywords, and relationships, with applications in text summarization, question answering, and medical diagnosis. Despite limitations in handling complex texts, it efficiently organizes data on a large scale.

Zoom AI

Zoom evolves post-COVID, enhancing its tool with AI Companion, replacing Zoom IQ. Integrated across Zoom tools, it prioritizes privacy while optimizing meetings. The ChatGPT-like bot aids productivity, real-time feedback, and integrates with Zoom Team Chat and Zoom Mail. Limited to paying subscribers.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot, integrating ChatGPT-4, enhances productivity within Office apps with features like text generation, data analysis, and CRM optimization. Seamlessly integrated, it offers extensive file reference and in-app text referencing, earning high user satisfaction as a personal assistant streamlining tasks and fostering creativity.

ChatGPT Enterprise

ChatGPT Enterprise, an OpenAI assistant for businesses, prioritizes security, offers unlimited GPT-4 access, multi-step interactions, advanced data analysis, custom templates, and admin controls. It enhances workflows by accessing knowledge bases, aiding training, content creation, programming, and personalized product recommendations. Flexible pricing caters to organizational needs.

Claude: A Chatbot Championing Human Values

Claude, an AI chatbot developed by Anthropic, stands out in the evolving world of AI-based chatbots. It prioritizes human values, offering content accountability, document analysis, proficiency in less common languages, transparency, and content creation. In contrast, ChatGPT boasts extensive training data and various add-ons, making it a powerful tool for creativity and versatility.

ChatPDF- Exploring the Tool's Remarkable Capabilities and Distinctive Advantages

Introducing ChatPDF: An innovative AI tool for enhanced PDF reading. It generates summaries, questions, aids navigation, and supports foreign languages. Designed to boost comprehension of lengthy documents efficiently. Available at

Applied Generative AI

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