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Knowledge management methodologies





Syllabus highlights

6 months of knowledge management experience in an organization are recommended

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: 

Analyze business needs in an organization. 

Know what type of knowledge management solutions will best suit the business needs. Know how to plan and lead the implementation of the KM solution. Have tools to manage the change. Know how to continue and develop required KM-related knowledge.

40 academic hours

The course sets the scene for understanding what knowledge management is, how to run a KM initiative in an organization, and what are the primary methodologies to realize it.
The course is designed for knowledge management staff in organizations and for knowledge management consultants.

  • KM Terms and their importance 

  • Storytelling 

  • KM strategy 

  • Gamification 

  • Mapping and prioritizing needs 

  • Knowledge retention 

  • Documents and digital platforms 

  • Real-time KM 

  • Mail management 

  • Smart documents 

  • Digital Strategy 

  • Design thinking for KM KM-based Intranets 

  • ISO standard 30401 

  • Lessons learned 

  • KM and AI 

Peer Learning: Analyzing student cases

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