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Change management





Syllabus highlights

Project management in organizations.

Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Design their own toolbox for effective change management for their organization

  • Define an effective work plan for implementation change, differentiating the tools used for various stakeholders at each implementation stage. 

6 academic hours

The course offers a structured understanding of methodologies and methods that can help organizations succeed in managing their changes, enabling students to build their specific toolbox of methods, practices, and tools for initiating, running, and ending change management initiatives.
The course offers a method for developing an effective work plan based on the main stakeholders, objectives, barriers, possible success factors, and available channels in a specific organization.

  • The challenge

  • Tools for change management initiation (Kotter, Lewin, and more)

  • Tools for managing the change management journey (Nudge, ADKAR, Switch, and more)

  • Moments: Celebrating success 

  • Designing a practical smart workplan

  • Peer Learning: Analyzing student cases

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