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Better writing SOPs and working guidelines





Syllabus highlights

Experience in writing procedures of work, SOPs or guidelines

Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to write more readable and usable procedures of work, SOPs, and user guidelines.

The improved documents can serve both for the first full reading, or specific consultancy checking on a specific issue.

8 academic hours

The course sets the scene for a new approach to planning and writing easier-to-understand and implement procedures-based documents.
The course teaches a unique methodology for better planning and organizing the way the document is written, and completes with a set of practices to better usage of tables, colors and icons, all in order to improve readability and usability of these important documents.

  • The challenge

  • The procedures-based documents pyramid

  • Planning a new or renewed document

  • Using concept maps to leverage understanding

  • Knowledge sources

  • Writing accurate

  • Using tables to enhance clarity

  • Colors and icons usage

  • User guides

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