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A holistic approach to lessons learned





Syllabus highlights

Experience in organization work and projects.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Facilitate efficient and effective debriefing sessions.

  • Build a Lessons knowledgebase.

  • Improve usability of lessons learned.

12 academic hours

The course offers a new holistic approach to lessons learned by:
1. Offering an implementation of AAR, that leads organizations to systematic learning, covering more possible aspects of learning, however very focused and concise.
2. Suggesting a new way to handle the lessons, refining them, generalizing them, and improving access to them.
3. Adding a layer of knowledge reuse, including organizational, process-based, and tool-based practices.

  • The need for change

  • Lesson definition

  • AAR implementation- step after step

  • Learning from Success

  • Deciding upon recommendations: Ignored, tasks, changes, and lessons

  • From lessons' library to lessons' knowledgebase

  • 7 tools for improving the lessons

  • Lessons' metadata

  • Embedding the knowledge learned as part of the organizational eco-system

  • Adding learning based on experience and quality-based processes

  • The full picture: A holistic view

  • Tomorrow morning 

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