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Where have all the menus gone?

Websites shift from menus to search engines, emphasizing quick searches and efficient navigation, especially on smaller screens.

Optimizing Knowledge items

"Optimizing" refers to improving content and accessibility, adapting it to fit the audience's needs, and regularly handling data quality to enhance satisfaction.

Knowledge Management in a financial institution’s call center's database during times of crisis

During the pandemic, market volatility led to higher call volumes at financial institution call centers. To manage knowledge effectively, prioritize partnerships, update information, use concise language, maintain digital uniformity, and encourage flexibility and creativity.

Re-aligning your service knowledge management system

The article discusses the common problem of knowledge management systems being underutilized over time due to various reasons such as turnover, lack of training, and burnout. It suggests optimizing content accessibility and writing methods, implementing short-term training sessions, analyzing current knowledge items, updating guidelines, and preparing a work plan for optimizing valuable items in the system. The article emphasizes the importance of investing in the development of the system and listening to edge users. It concludes that occasional optimization projects are preferable to complete system replacements to overcome the challenges of worker turnover and burnout.

Service Knowledgebases

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