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Mega Menu

Mega Menus are a popular navigation solution, combining website maps and regular menus. They display main subjects with organized subsidiary subjects, providing simple and efficient navigation.

WIKI: Go without - feel with

The evolution of wikis from Ward Cunningham's WikiWikiWeb to their widespread use today, such as Wikipedia, has led to their adoption in business for knowledge management, though with modifications for organizational needs. The shift from full democracy to managed content and the potential for semi-structured information management offer new possibilities and challenges in utilizing wikis effectively.

Applying the AIDA principles to an intranet portal homepage

Designing a portal homepage using the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) enhances employee engagement and satisfaction, promoting organizational goals and facilitating effective information dissemination within an organization.

Organization's Knowledge Base Website Templates

Effective knowledge management is akin to finding Waldo in a crowd. Just as a well-structured website template aids in quickly locating information, a consistent design and clear hierarchy support efficient knowledge retrieval and engagement.

Critical Path of UX activities

The Critical Path Method (CPM) is a powerful technique for analyzing and scheduling complex projects. In User Experience (UX), it helps prioritize elements, create effective navigation, use meaningful links and buttons, and conduct user testing for continuous improvement.

Knowledge content migration

Content migration is a common practice when outdated systems need to be replaced. It involves evaluating, planning, mapping metadata, migrating content, and verifying its successful transfer. Manual and automated methods are available, each with advantages and disadvantages. Despite careful planning, surprises may occur, requiring preparedness from the project team.

Interview with Naama Halevi- Peer, Manager of the organizational portal in Hapoalim bank

The bank's organizational portal has become a central hub for organizational intelligence, communication, and knowledge management. It has won awards and serves thousands of employees, offering various solutions and tools for enhanced productivity and collaboration. The portal's success factors include innovation, technological integration, management support, and active employee engagement. Future plans include expanding the range of business solutions and implementing Web 2.0 principles for fostering a sharing culture. Starting knowledge management from a broad common ground and targeting communities with a high potential for knowledge consumption are recommended approaches for organizations.

Critical Paths

Defining Critical Paths at the beginning of app/website development is crucial for focus, business objectives, and enhancing User Experience, ensuring users reach their desired outcomes efficiently.

Has SharePoint 2013's added value significantly increased due to its central alterations?

SharePoint 2013 introduces significant enhancements, including a shift towards collaboration, improved user interface, social and sharing features, and enhanced "My Site" capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for business data organization.

UI, UX & Web Analytics

When designing a new system, planning the user interface is crucial. Statistical analysis helps understand user behavior and improve the interface.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is one of the most important research tools when designing a User Experience. This examination introduces the product to current or potential users (depending on the purpose of the examination and product) in order to check how those users cope with the product. The product can be either an object or a program. The same principles apply in both cases.

User Experience and Users in the Organization

Effective knowledge management solutions require considering the diverse needs of users and investing in user experience to ensure successful assimilation.

Portals and Intranets

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