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 Management and Knowledge Management Book Reviews
by Dr. Moria Levy

Crossing the Digital Faultline: 10 Rules of Highly Successful Leaders in Digitalization

The book 'Crossing the Digital Faultline: 10 Rules of Highly Successful Leaders in Digitalization' by Sri Manchala explores digital transformation and provides ten rules for successful leadership in the digital era.

Putting Stories to Work: Mastering Business Storytelling

"Putting Stories to Work: Mastering Business Storytelling" by Shawn Callahan explores the power of storytelling in conveying messages, building trust, and influencing decision-making. It provides practical guidance for discovering, sharing, and refreshing impactful stories.

Made to Stick- Book review

"Made to Stick" by Chip & Dan Heath explores the essential principles of effective communication, including simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotional resonance, and storytelling. A valuable resource for leaders and educators.

The Power of Habit- Why we do what we do in life and business

The book describes changing habits on the individual level (me, you and she), the organizational level (Change Management) and the level of overall social changes. The book's motto is: although habits are embedded in our brains (i.e. create a nervous desire in our brain), they can be changed. The key to this is will power, a detailed understanding of the habit in its context, creating an alternative

Hooked- Book Review

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products is a book by Nir Eyal that presents a model that encourages users to form habits. The model is based on studies of user behavior and successful products and involves four steps: trigger, action, reward, and investment. The book emphasizes the importance of creating stimuli that link the user's needs to the supplier's advantage and of making products easy to use and rewarding. To create a successful habit-forming product, the company must analyze the user's needs and build a committed user base.

Business Trends in Practice- Book Review

Marr, in his book "Business Trends in Businesses," addresses ten technology trends, and five non-technology one, and explains how these should affect every organization- in and out.

TED's official guide to public speaking- Book Review

"TED's Official Guide to Public Speaking" by Chris Andersen provides valuable insights into impactful speeches. It emphasizes choosing a compelling topic, engaging the audience, and utilizing techniques like storytelling, explanation, persuasion, and exposure. The book covers visual aids, stage presence, voice modulation, and creating a memorable ending. It also addresses rehearsals, dressing, and managing stress. Overall, it offers a wealth of knowledge and practical tips for effective public speaking.

Think Again- Book Review

"Think Again - The Power to Doubt" by Adam Grant is a book that discusses the need and tools for questioning and thinking again. It offers recommendations for individuals as well as for collective thinking. Furthermore , it suggests some tools for persuasion of others. The book is educational, innovative, and not surprisingly has reached the top of the New York Times bestseller list. It includes many examples and stories, and is highly recommended for personal and professional growth.

Digital Transformation Game Plan- Book Review

The book "Digital Transformation Game Plan: 34 tenets for masterfully merging technology and business" written in 2020 by Gary O'brian, Guo Xiao & Mike Masonת discusses, as its name implies, the implementation of digital transformation in the organization.

Simply Brilliant- Book Review

"Simply Brilliant" by William Taylor explores how values, leadership, and innovative thinking drive organizational success. The book highlights the importance of the mission, breakthrough thinking, and customer-centricity, emphasizing the roles of employees and leaders in fostering a culture of excellence. Taylor encourages organizations to offer unique experiences, prioritize learning, and maintain a long-term mindset for sustainable growth.

Future Skills - Book Review

The book 'Future Skills' by Bernard Marr is a valuable resource for navigating the digital world. Marr, an authority in AI and digital transformation, provides a comprehensive list of 20 skills and competencies essential for success. Although the list may seem extensive, Marr's explanations and insights on each skill make it worthwhile. He emphasizes that all skills can be learned, offering guidance for personal and organizational development.

Thinker Toy - Book Review

The book "ThinkerToy: a handbook of creative thinking ideas" is a book written by Michael Michalko. The book was originally written in 1991, and a current version was published in 2006. The book discusses and presents a collection of tools for developing creative thinking. The tools offered in the book help a person to practice at all levels - from preliminary mental development, through infrastructure and preparation, through the development of ideas in peak and routine meetings, to the examination of ideas after they are formed. Some are suitable for groups, and some are personal.

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