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 Management and Knowledge Management Book Reviews
by Dr. Moria Levy

Rationality, Fairness, Happiness

"Rationality, Fairness, and Happiness" by Prof. Daniel Kahneman, edited by Maya Bar Hillel, explores biases in psychology, economics, and sciences. Despite its academic nature, it provides accessible insights into decision-making complexities, making it a recommended read for enthusiasts of counterintuitive thought processes.

Designing with the Mind in Mind - Book Review

"Designing with the Mind in Mind" by Jeff Johnson (2010) uniquely blends cognitive psychology with actionable UI design rules. Exploring identification, understanding, memory, learning, and reactivity, it delivers practical insights for optimal user experiences, making it essential for designers aiming to create effective interfaces.

Working Knowledge - Book Review

"Working Knowledge" by Larry Prusak and Thomas Davenport, a classic in knowledge management, explores crucial topics like knowledge creation, transfer, and technology's role. The enduring principles, established in 1998, remain relevant amid evolving landscapes, offering insights for effective organizational knowledge management.

The Social Media Management Handbook - Book Review

"The Social Media Management Handbook" offers practical insights for integrating social media into business. Despite occasional repetition, it provides accessible guidance on strategy, culture, policies, computing, and customer engagement, fostering a strategic and integrated approach for organizational success in the dynamic digital landscape.

Out of our minds: Learning to be Creative - Book Review

"Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative" by Sir Ken Robinson, first written in 2001 and updated in 2011, provides a comprehensive exploration of creativity, education, and leadership. It highlights the need to redefine education, cultivate creativity at individual, team, and organizational levels, and emphasizes personalized learning. Highly recommended.

Beyond The Idea - Book Review

"Beyond The Idea" by Govindarajan and Trimble (2013) focuses on executing innovation, presenting models for small-scale, repetitive, and significant innovation. The book emphasizes team building, detailed strategies, and structured plans, making innovation more manageable and highlighting the key to successful implementation. Highly recommended.

Get Bold - Book Review

"Get Bold: Using Social Media to Create a New Type of Social Business" by Sandy Carter (2012) explores transforming organizations into social businesses. Addressing topics from defining social businesses to technology support, Carter emphasizes cultural shifts, strategy formulation, and measuring outcomes. Highly recommended, it integrates real-world examples for comprehensive insights.

Knowledge Engineering - Book Review

"Knowledge Engineering: Process Paradigm" by Hamed Fazlollahtabar delves into knowledge management's impact on innovation, organizational learning, knowledge sharing, and preservation. It offers insights rooted in diverse organizational experiences, primarily from China, catering to both academic and business readers.

INside INnovation - Book Review

"Inside Innovation: A Closer Look from Within," an upcoming collection by Allex Bennet and Rajat Baisya, delves into diverse facets of innovation. Covering agile practices, culture cultivation, customer engagement, and case studies, it emphasizes continuous learning and collaboration as vital innovation catalysts.

Sharing Hidden Know-How - Book Review

"Sharing Hidden Know-How" by Katrina Pugh introduces the Knowledge Jam method for transferring tacit knowledge, developed at Intel and adopted globally. The book covers Jam stages, facilitator roles, and success tips. A valuable guide for effective knowledge transfer, it emphasizes collaboration and practical application. Highly recommended!

Focus - Book Review

Daniel Goleman, the renowned author, has written extensively on emotion and leadership. His 2013 book, "Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence," explores the relationship between emotion and attention, encompassing topics such as focus, the challenges of maintaining focus, mind wandering, self-awareness, self-control, empathy, and key takeaways. The book emphasizes the significance of self-awareness, self-control, and empathy in improving focus and offers practical strategies for enhancing attention and achieving success.

To Sell is Human - Book Review

In Daniel Pink's 2012 book, he redefines salesmanship, asserting that everyone is a salesperson. He explores the evolving sales landscape, contemporary salesperson characteristics, buoyancy in the face of rejection, and the importance of clarity, offering three key sales skills.

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