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Wrapping up KMGN's Advanced Methodologies Course

1 June 2022
Dr. Moria Levy
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June 21st, 2022. Today our KMGN KM advanced methodologies came to an ending. Eighty-seven knowledge managers, let me call them - knowledge leaders from around 20 countries reviewed all 20 sessions taught over these past five months and wrapped up their learnings from this shared course.

Behind the scenes- it was much work. The idea came back in 2018, and after ending the KM-AI course, we started working on preparing the contents of this course. The team including Arthur Shelley, Balaji Iyer, @Olga Smirnova, Dr. Randhir Pushpa, @Vadim Shyrayev, Rudolf D'Souza and myself, began meeting weekly to design the syllabus and proper lecturers. The challenging issue that concerned us most was providing added value, week after week. At the end of the day, those who attended the course are indeed KM leaders in their countries and have, each and one, a significant body of knowledge and expertise. There was no question about the relevance of all the topics to the KM discipline; however, all potential lecturers were asked: Are you sure that an experienced KMer will also learn from the proposed content? What is new? Time after time, the slides were audited, leveraging the contents to what was finally delivered.

Is there room for improvement in the following courses? Of course. Breakout rooms enabled intimacy, but they can deliver more. The balance between breadth and deepness was delicate, and next year on the planned "New Collaboration" course, we will try to cover less issues, diving deeper.

Back to today. In the coming week, we will handle certificates, and within a few weeks, we plan to start working on next year's course, to be led by Olga. But now- I mainly want to stop and say to you all-the team, @Anat Bielsky, Eli Miron, and each of the nearly 100 people who attended these sessions: Thank you! Together we succeeded in taking KM one step further. Together we have a great chance to deliver better KM globally. Together we are a great community, maybe the best!

This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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