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Working from home

1 June 2022

Freddy Slivanski

Working from home has recently become a new reality for many. It began with the outbreak of Covid19 and had been going on for over two years, with an increasing number of workers opting to work from home rather than being physically present at their workplace.

I have been working from home for over a year and a half. It is a new condition that was unnatural to me, yet I can say it was love from first sight.

I decided to share some of my experience and what I've learned lately about working from home.

Like everything in life, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are just a few of each.


The four advantages of working from home


Say goodbye to the morning traffic: no need to handle morning traffic jams, waiting in line for your morning train, or long waits at bus stops.

Flexible work hours: usually, working from home allows each worker to arrange their schedule, which is generally impossible when required to arrive at the workplace physically.

More time with your family: working from home allows one to spend more time with one's family. For example, you can spend your lunch break with your entire family.

Less stress: when working from home, you are in your element, in your haven, and can concentrate, thus reducing unnecessary stress and pressure.


Four disadvantages of working from home


It takes lots of self-discipline: you need to learn to manage your schedule and not slack off when there's work. It would help if you remembered to complete all of your tasks.

It makes it difficult to separate your work from your personal life: when you work from home and the workplace and residence are the same, it is essential to learn how to keep them separate.

Working alone: working from home suits people who know how to be with themselves. I am referring to people who can spend hours alone and, despite sometimes being bored, can handle it.

Concentrating can be challenging. working from home can be highly challenging if your children are at home. It would help if you learned how to tend to your kids while completing your work requirements.

Another potential disadvantage for some is the lack of face-to-face interaction with co-workers. Some people working from home have reported missing casual chitchat and watercooler talks.

However, while meeting people face to face is always enjoyable, solutions are available to those working from home.

You can chitchat using Zoom or any means of communication. While it isn't as natural, it works. It's still a conversation during which you can catch up on personal or professional matters.

Instead of meeting during working hours, try meeting during your time off. This solution has a significant advantage, as these meetings don't need to be limited in time, unlike meetings during working hours. And since they are more relaxed, they are more enjoyable and allow you to get your co-workers better.


In conclusion, some thrive when working from home while others do not. This solution suits some, not all, and that's OK. My experience has shown that if it does serve you, it is one of those great solutions that make you ask: why haven't we done this sooner?




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