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1 February 2004
Dr. Moria Levy
A glass globe on a keyboard

Wiki is a term in the world of websites which refers to a site including (half) structured pages written by its readers. This is a different concept of writing information on the internet. The site is totally open for editing by all readers; every reader can add and alter information as he/she sees fit. The pages are linked within themselves and to the external web sphere in an array of smart links, defining interesting networks of information and knowledge. The concept behind the Wiki is utilizing reader's knowledge in order to create rich content without the effort of editing. An especially ambitious Wiki project is Wikipedia, the first attempt at creating an encyclopedia open for editing in different languages.

If you are curious regarding the quality of an entry in an open-for-editing encyclopedia, you can examine the 'Knowledge Management' entry in our Wiki; you can even edit it yourself.


As a response to a new term that went through andragogy, hereby is an additional reading source, recommended by Zmira Guttesman of Intel:

The Adult Learner: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development by Malcolm S. Knowles (Author) et al (Paperback - 1998).

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