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What Organizational Knowledge Management Means to Me

1 January 2019
Elad Piran

As an organizational knowledge manager, I find myself positioned at a pivotal and strategic crossroads within the organization where I am employed. This role carries profound significance for both me personally and, evidently, for the organization itself.

My perspective encompasses the intricacies of organizational knowledge, understanding its complexity, and navigating the interfaces of organizational work processes. As a key player, I actively contribute to realizing the organization's vision and goals, aspiring to be an integral part of its growth plans in the years ahead.

As an organizational knowledge manager, I collaborate in steering organizational change, championing strategies and methodologies for managing organizational knowledge, and supporting work and production processes through the knowledge embedded in these operations. In simpler terms, my focus is on facilitating and enhancing the tasks of the organization's employees—whether in development, production, testing, or sales—making their responsibilities more manageable, efficient, and accurate.

Integral to my role as a knowledge manager is the continuous process of learning and innovating, fostering personal and organizational development. Crucially, this journey is a professional duty and a source of genuine enjoyment.

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